At Warley Car Clinic we have built our reputation on the foundations of our dedication to quality, second to none repair services and our exceptional customer service.

No stress, no trauma

Our company ethos has and will always be to deliver a first-class customer service meaning that our staff will go above and beyond the usual anticipated service to remove the stress, trauma, and inconvenience of any roadside collision. 

Whether the accident is a non-fault (third party liable) or liability is deemed to be your fault, we are here to help you regardless of the situation.

Our accident assistance service is very straightforward!

Call us on 0121 511 2211 and provide details about the accident/incident and be sure to include details of the third party and any eyewitnesses (usual practice) if applicable.

Remember we are to help you with the stress and trauma that comes with an accident/collision, and we will provide the following at the highest standards : –

• Prepare a detailed estimate.

• Communicate with your insurer or any third-party insurance companies on your behalf as a priority and dealing with the matter as efficiently as possible.

• Provide you with regular updates throughout the repair process. However, by all means, feel free to contact us at anytime on 0121 511 2211.

• Provide you with a first-class repair service using genuine parts and adhering to vehicle manufacturer guidelines.

• If your vehicle is covered by one of our approved manufacturer approvals, you will receive a manufacturer repair warranty. If your vehicle is not covered by one our approved manufacturer approvals, we offer a three-year repair guarantee, and should you have any further questions, call our team on 0121 511 2211 who will be more than happy to assist!

• Lastly, Once repairs are completed, the choice is entirely yours, should you wish to collect the vehicle or have this delivered to you at a convenient time and location, removing any further inconvenience.

Our objective is to remove the unwanted stress and hassle of dealing with this yourself, and giving you peace of mind that a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive training within state-of-the-art facilities are undertaking the repairs to your vehicle. Leaving you with none of the problems experienced following a roadside collision.

Replacement Vehicles

Dependant on the outcome of liability of the accident, here at Warley Car Clinic will arrange for a LIKE FOR LIKE vehicle as per your legal rights in accordance with non-fault accident claims.

However, in the scenario you the customer were at fault, panic not! We have an extensive fleet of courtesy vehicles available at our disposal, rubbishing the usual claims that all repair centres have boring courtesy cars! Whilst it may not be a like for like vehicle, it will be a vehicle no older than three years old (in most instances no older than 12 months) and will ease any issues you had regarding your day to day commuting. Leaving you with no disruption and keeping you mobile throughout the repair.

Our Promise to you

Here at Warley Car Clinic we do not stop there! We will handle all your uninsured losses, and should you require assistance with any personal injury claim should you be unfortunate enough to sustain any injury, please contact us on 0121 511 2211.

In simple terms we want you to know you are in capable hands and leaving you without the hassle of taking time out to deal with such issues yourself.
All repairs undertaken are placed on our online vehicle repair management systems, so we are only ever a call away should you have any questions regarding the repair.

all the time every time!

Following an accident, it is your legal right to have your car repaired anywhere of your choice. SO PLEASE CONTACT US ON 0121 511 2211.

If you need to arrange accident recovery of your vehicle, call us on 0121 511 2211 and one of our team will advise you what to do next, make sure you are safe, and get you home. If your car has been vandalised or is left unsecure, we will arrange for it to be made safe or stored securely. Our team of customer advisors will arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at our state-of-the-art, prestige accident repair facility.

If you happen to contact your insurance company in the first instance, it is common practice for your insurer to place your vehicle repair within their “recommended repairer workshop” who may not have the MANUFACTURER APPROVAL for your vehicle, who may not be able to provide you with either a like for like or courtesy vehicle and lastly may not even use GENUINE PARTS.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident, YOU HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT to choose who repairs your vehicle.

Furthermore, via our Accident Management Service, you will be entitled to a ‘like for like vehicle’, in the event you were not at fault (subject to liability being confirmed) and in the event liability lies with you as the customer, rest assured we have a wide range of courtesy vehicles to keep you mobile during the repair period.

Why let your insurance company compromise on quality on your behalf, call us on 0121 511 2211.

At fault for your accident?
Worried about your Excess Payment?

We understand that accidents can happen by chance that are without apparent or deliberate cause. Furthermore, there may be the scenario where through no deliberate fault of your own you may be the party at fault in accordance with the legislation provided to the sector by insurers.

In this event, remember you still have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle!

Why let your insurance company compromise on repairs to your vehicle? As the party at fault for the accident in most instances you will be facing an Excess payment towards the repair cost, however, you may face an increased Excess payment should you wish to choose your own repairer.

At Warley Car Clinic we are prepared to waive the increased element of the Excess should this apply to you when choosing your own repairer and in some instances even waive the whole excess. (Subject to criteria).

As ultimately you as the customer should not be forced to have your repairs undertaken at a repair centre chosen for you, as the policy holder, it is your decision!

In the scenario of a fault related claim, we will be able to provide you with a Courtesy Vehicle to keep you mobile during the period your vehicle remains at our premises, again removing all the unnecessary hassle and trauma associated with such a scenario.

Most importantly, you can be rest assured your repairs will be undertaken to manufacturer specifications, using the latest tools and equipment by the highly skilled technicians that form part of our team, and lastly, providing you with a warranty for any work undertaken.

Need a quote?

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