At Warley Car Clinic we do not limit our services based on a market demand. As a forward-thinking firm, we have invested heavily to ensure we are always at the forefront of vehicle repairs.

Carbon Fibre Repairs

The use of carbon fibre material in building motor vehicles is increasing due to the nature of its light weight which ultimately enables the material to become a vital component in vehicle development.

Here at Warley Car Clinic we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we remain at the forefront of carbon fibre repairs, which in the current climate are limited to the super prestige vehicles, given the costs associated with the material.

We have invested heavily in tools and equipment and, more importantly we have developed an understanding on how to undertake the repair to such vehicles of this type without compromising their structural integrity and maintaining manufacturer repair methods to ensure the vehicle is returned to its pre-accident state.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Wheel Alignment

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is currently the fastest growing sector within the vehicle repair industry and one of the top if not at the forefront for vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

As we are all no doubt aware, most road accidents that occur are due to human error. ADAS is designed to ultimately enhance safety and allows vehicles to adapt to numerous scenarios and providing a safer driving experience.

Vehicle manufacturers are now providing ADAS to the majority of vehicles, as it is proven to reduce roadside casualties and correcting human error. The system is designed to avoid collisions by alerting the driver to potential hazards or in the event of a collision by providing safeguards and autonomously taking control of the vehicle.

Such features may provide adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, automate lighting, incorporate GPS/ traffic warnings, lane departure warning, night vision, driver drowsiness detection, hill descent control, automatic parking, automatic lane centring or illuminate blind spots to name a few.

For such safety features to operate, they will need to rely on your wheel alignment and geometry being correct, so it is crucial that all repairs are carried out with this in mind.

Many vehicles now have ADAS as standard which requires these systems to be accurately calibrated.

The staff here at Warley Car Clinic are highly trained and we have in our possession the specialist ADAS equipment required to carry out ADAS system resets and calibrations where required on modern vehicles.

Wheel Alignment

At Warley Car Clinic we have the required knowledge, experience and equipment to check and reset the alignment of any vehicle body, chassis and all the related suspension components.

We have in place market-leading alignment equipment that uses laser technology to ensure precision alignment is obtained and our equipment is able to handle all the complex vehicle geometry used in performance and prestige vehicles today. This is paramount to vehicles fitted with ADAS as without wheel alignment, ADAS will not be able to operate effectively.

Furthermore, the alignment of your suspension and drive train is essential for your safety and also the efficiency of your vehicle. Here at Warley Car Clinic, we have a tailored service to ensure your alignment is set up as the manufacturer set out, regardless of what variant of the model you may have.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

An alloy refurbishment can give your vehicle the extra touch of detail you have been looking for, and really enhance your car’s exterior.

Damage to alloy wheels is a common scenario when repairing vehicles, however, here at Warley Car clinic we can rectify and in most cases alloy wheels can be refurbished regardless of the situation or alloy wheel type. Whether it is a diamond cut alloy wheel to common problems of buckled alloy wheels, or damaged/kerbed alloy wheels, rest assured here at Warley Car Clinic we take all the necessary steps to ensure the wheel is looking like new once again and, most importantly not result in the usual flaking once heat hits the surface of the alloy, as other cheaper options out there on the market.

In the scenario the damage cannot be repaired, we will not fault on the safety of the vehicle and, you can rest assure we will advise you accordingly should the alloys need to be replaced.

Here at Warley Car Clinic we combine a number of processes to create an alloy refurbishment system that not only transforms your car back to its original condition, but keeps it that way for years to come.

Fast Track Repairs

Fast Track Repairs or regularly stated as SMART repairs are dependant on the extent of the damage, in some cases it is possible to carry out a Fast Track Repair. The definition of a Fast Track Repair is a Small to Medium Area Repair Technique hence the common usage of the word SMART repair.

This is generally a faster process and more cost-effective process for vehicles with repairs costing as little at £75.00 plus VAT.

Here at Warley Car Clinic we also offer a paint-less dent removal service that can offer a quality low cost repair in the hands of fully training technicians.

The repair process is carried out using levers instead of traditional panel beating techniques where complete panels need to be treated and re-sprayed (usually classed as structural repairs). In this instance our staff will undertake repairs on localised areas which is perfect for the damage of small-scale collisions.

Again, this service can be offered for as little as £75.00 per panel plus VAT.

Have any questions? Call the team on 0121 511 2211 who will be able to assist you further.

Recovery Truck Service

To complement our ever-growing fleet, we also have at our disposal a recovery truck to collect un-driveable vehicles at your convenience and, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands and that it will be safely transported to our premises.

Should you require your vehicle to be collected by way of a recovery truck (low-loader), please get in touch with one of the team on 0121 511 2211.

Specialist van repairs

When it comes to van and small commercial vehicle accident and body repairs it’s vitally important that you have confidence in the expertise of your repairer.

Warley Car Clinic offer a comprehensive accident repair service for all makes of van and light commercial vehicles, ranging from small, medium to long wheelbase vans.

We can undertake all accident repairs and general repair and refurbishment work, as well as heavy accident repairs can be carried out using our state-of-the-art equipment and under the guidance and supervision of our trained technicians. We have the facilities and expertise to execute major structural and bodywork repairs to manufacturer specification using original equipment parts, ensuring that your valuable working assets look great and are back on the road at the earliest opportunity. 
We also have our own Courtesy Fleet for van drivers, should one be required equipped with industry standard racking, for your day to day needs.

It is not just cars we are crazy about! Get in touch with us on 0121 511 2211.

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